Personal Loans

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Personal loans to fit your needs! 
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Signature Loans

Our signature loans are designed to provide you with access to funds for personal reasons, even without collateral. Signature loans can be used for practically any reason such as appliances, vacations, repairs or credit card refinancing. 

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Visa ScoreCard

We offer 3 different card options all at rates well below the national average! Earn ScoreReward points for every dollar spent! 

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Overdraft Protection

Skip the overdraft fees next time you’re a little short with our overdraft protection loans! Overdraft protection is an unsecured revolving line of credit tied to your share draft account. Loan disbursements are made in exact amounts to cover purchases so you’re not paying interest on funds you’re not using. Payments are based on the loan amount and a minimum payment is due on the 28th of each month.

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Share Secured Loans

These loans are secured with shares deposited at Fargo Public Schools Federal Credit Union. Shares are held based on the balance of the loan, as the principal is paid down funds are released. Keep your dividends and your emergency safety net!