Safe Deposit Box

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Our safe deposit boxes are located in our south branch at 1609 32nd Ave S, Fargo. We offer 3x10 boxes for $25 a year or 5x10 boxes for $40 a year. Any FPSFCU member can rent a safe deposit box.

Box contents are NOT insured by us or by any government agency. Items stored in a safe deposit box are considered loss-resistant, not loss-proof. Therefore, every renter is encouraged to obtain their own insurance on box contents.

In order to protect both our members and ourselves, the credit union operates on a "won't ask, don't tell" policy regarding box contents. We will never ask to see inside your safe deposit box and will politely refuse to discuss box contents with you.

For more information about safe deposit boxes, please contact the south branch by calling 701-241-4770, stopping in at 1609 32nd Ave S, or by emailing