Pee Wee Penguin Club

    September Birthdays    
 Elijah S. Caroline G. Dillon A. Autumn N. Abby G.
Soren S. Matthew B. Kendal P. Annamalina M. Elizabeth G.
Austin H. Skyler P. Joseph N. Jacob E. Colton S.
 Claire N.  Nolan M. Brevin O.  Trygve N.  Jenna B. 
 Noah O.        
About the Club

New Members:
 The fun begins as soon as the account is opened! For the "new additions" to the family, Pee Wee will deposit $10 into a savings account. This can be used toward the $50 minimum balance required to open the account.

Free Gift for Birthdays: 
Pee Wee sends birthday cards to all club members during the month of their birthday. Plus, club members who stop by the credit union during their birthday month receive a special gift!

Treasure Chest: Every time club members make a deposit into their account, they get to pick a treasure     from our treasure chest!

Pee Wee Penguin Newsletter: Every three months a Pee Wee Penguin newsletter will be mailed to every club member's house. This newsletter is filled with lots of fun projects and fun facts about money.

Savin' Up Certificates: These certificates are special accounts that need $100 to be opened. You can add to them at any time in amounts greater than or equal to $100. They are only for kids! Certificates are a great way to     save money!

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