CU Succeed

About the Teen Club

Our Teen Club is designed specifically for young adults between the ages of 13 and 19. We offer our full line of services to assist with financial education, including checking accounts, savings accounts, Instant Cash and Instant Cash & Check cards, and a share secured VISA credit card. Our staff is available to assist in answering questions regarding the above accounts as well as applying for credit and even information on reconciling your checking account statements.

We also offer the CU Succeed Teens Financial Network. This program features a quarterly newsletter written for teens, by teens. It also features a fun, informational website which contains topics such as budgeting, buying a car, paying for college and much more! Check the website often for new articles! 
Click here to view the CU Succeed website.

Check out these websites for great info on finances: 

This website has lots if information on personal finance! This site also has fun games like Financial Football!

This website has information about credit cards and credit scores.

Youth Week:

Every summer the credit union hosts a fun-filled week with a variety of activities for our young members.

College Bound? The Credit Card Push on Campus:

As credit card companies compete to enroll every student on college campuses, it's easy to give in to the desire for instant gratification...and a $500.00 credit line. Some students are acquiring more cards and racking up more debt than they can afford. In the process, they're putting their credit records at risk and jeopardizing their long-term financial prospects.

Ideally, parents and older teens should work together to choose the credit card best suited for their needs. In their search for the best credit card, parents and students should stop first at their credit union. Not only do credit unions offering cards typically charge lower interest rates than banks, they often have programs specifically for young adults. One example is a share secured student card. A student deposits $500.00 in a savings account; that $500.00 establishes the credit limit. A secured credit card enables teens to build a good payment history without being overextended.

Call the Fargo Public Schools Federal Credit Union today for details on our Visa Program.